AMP Australia provides commercial fit out services across the eastern states. APM requires solid advice with measurable outcomes in time and delivery. Private Certifiers Australia deliver, and that’s why we use them as our Private Certifiers.
Scott FeneckManaging Director, APM (Aus)
PCA Services has been a great asset to my company with the new Exempt and Complying Development Codes, the advice and technical interpretation that they give has been a professional assistants to my Architectural Firm in giving clients good advice.
Xu KhaArchitect NSW, Scope Architects
Grant’s team at Private Certifiers Australia has assisted SG Projects from conception to completion, the company has technical and practical skills that has allowed SG Projects to complete both residential and commercial projects across NSW.
Frank HuppDirector, SG Projects
PCA Services has been providing construction certification for Power Built homes for 5 years, in that time PCA Services has assisted our clients with a level of professional service that we can rely upon.
Adam PowerDirector, Power Built Homes