Six Step Construction Certificate Process

The following six steps of the Construction Certificate process are provided as a guide to obtaining a Construction Certificate when dealing with Private Certifiers Australia.



Step 1

Send a copy of your contact details and the Council stamped plans with the supporting conditions of consent to Private Certifiers Australia. This early assessment forms part of the fee submission process. Fax or Email the information to our office to commence the Construction Certificate process. We will confirm that the information has been received via phone call or return email.

Step 2

Private Certifiers Australia will then review the Council approved plans, conditions of consent and supporting information.

Private Certifiers Australia shall prepare a Consultancy agreement to undertake the below roles or advise of alternative methods of certification which may be applicable to the development -see complying development certificates.

  • The Issue of a Construction Certificate
  • Principal Certifying Authority Role.

We will provide a Consultancy agreement and fee structure. The consultancy agreement will be sent to the applicant for the project within 24hrs upon receipt of information.

Step 3

Engagement of our services shall be by way of acknowledging the Consultancy Agreement and scope of works as outlined. This acknowledgement and engagement area is located on the last page of the Consultancy fee submission.

Step 4

Private Certifiers Australia will provide a Construction Certificate application form.

This form is to contain the owners consent, applicant’s details and be submitted to our offices in original form for the process to continue. This form automatically appoints Private Certifiers Australia as the Principal Certifying Authority. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, we will review the conditions of development consent and provide a list of the required plans, specifications and documents needed by Private Certifiers Australia in order for the issue of Construction Certificate.

Step 5

Once Private Certifiers Australia has received, reviewed and verified the submitted information as complying with the conditions of consent, the Building Code of Australia and any other requirements as outlined by Private Certifiers Australia, a Construction Certificate will be issued to the applicant in strict accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Step 6

Upon issue of the Construction Certificate to the applicant, they will be required to notify the applicable Council of the Commencement of Building Works onsite. The applicant must notify council, two days prior to the commencing of works on site. This is a requirement of the EP & A Act 1979. Failure to notify Council or the Principal Certifying Authority of this requirement may render the Construction Certificate Invalid or the issue of an Occupation Certificate complicated at the end of the project.

Complying Development Certificates

These certificates are the subject of an alternate regulatory building approval framework under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A 1979). Assessments under the Exempt and Complying development scheme do not require the application to go before Council for approval. It is generally subject to an assessment of the proposed building works by an Accredited Certifier. The assessment undertaken is against Councils Exempt and Complying Development policy, which forms part of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) or Development Control Plan (DCP). The proposal needs to meet the minimum standard set out in either of the statutory Council Documents prior to approval by the Accredited Certifier and subsequent issue of a Complying Development Certificate.

Private Certifiers Australia can undertake the assessment of Complying Development certificates, which offer savings in relation to approval time for the project.

Please call to find out if your building works is eligible for the fast track system.