Construction Certificate/ Complying Development Certificate

Private Certifiers Australia's aim is to provide your construction certificate in a timely manner. The PCA team achieves this, through working efficiently within the legislative framework to provide a high level of customer service and support to our clients. This is particularly important in maintaining project commencement times and contractual agreements.

Undertake the Role of Principal Certifying Authority

The team at Private Certifiers Australia is uniquely qualified to undertake the role of Principal Certifying Authority. Our strengths lay in our building industry experience, coupled with extensive education in the areas of building surveying. Our depth of experience gives us the ability to undertake inspections, document details of the inspections and issue Occupation Certificates in confidence at the completion of projects.

Building Code of Australia (BCA) Reports

We provide full Building Code of Australia (BCA) reports for all types of Commercial developments. It has been demonstrated clearly that architects, designers, builders and owners benefit greatly from receiving professional advice contained within Building Code of Australia reports; it sets the projects on a clear path for compliance at the completion of the project. As part of this service we undertake full BCA reports for existing buildings as well, this is invaluable when dealing with either Councils or Insurance companies in relation to matters of legislative compliance to do with building code regulations.

Building Regulations Consultancy

Private Certifiers Australia also provides a Building Regulations Consultancy service, which deals with a range of activities from, Insurance Reporting for Substandard Workmanship, General building advice, Pre DA lodgement advice and Council mediation for dispute resolution.

Project Management

Project management is very important in the case of commercial and residential construction, where builder's contracts and construction cost run well into the million dollars bracket. Our service allows you to take a professional controlled role in managing and protecting your biggest asset.

Private Certifiers Australia project management service results in major cost benefits to the client by identifying contractual and monetary problems early on to minimize disputes. Private Certifiers Australia achieves this, through an independent review of project documentation, contractual agreements and a well documented path for project variation review.

Development Application Assistance

Lodging a development application to Council can be a difficult process, PCA now provides a service to assist clients in this field. Private Certifiers Australia can undertake this process on your behalf and take the stress out of getting the project started.

Stapleton Protocol

Our Company abides by the "Stapleton Protocol" for delivery of Certification and Design advice on projects

Other Services

Should you require any other of our services not directly relating to the issue of a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate please contact our office directly for a consultation time or over the phone discussion regarding the your inquiry.