Energy Efficiency Reports – Building Code of Australia (BCA)

Private Certifiers Australia can help you obtain energy efficiency reports that comply with  full Building Code of Australia Section J on projects from concept to completion. We use the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Glazing Calculator to achieve the required glazing construction with the correct “U “and “SHGC” values to optimize construction cost. Correct Section J energy advice can assist long term running cost, provide a better working environment and increases potential sales for new developments. Our design advice and reports provide a one stop shop total solution for property developers, builders and architects.

Private Certifiers Australia can help you reduce your reliance on increasingly costly energy by looking at a wide range of options :

  • natural lighting
  • natural ventilation
  • insulation & draught proofing
  • energy efficient appliances

Call us to discuss options for making your building more energy efficient.

Private Certifiers Australia commitment

PCA has moved to a fully electronic software system to more efficiently manage our existing and new customers through better tracking and monitoring of projects. This in turn helps us to produce faster turn around times for projects and minimize ongoing storage of documents.

Becoming fully electronic assists both the client and PCA in the objective to reduce the amount of paper we use in the office. At PCA we prefer to retain only the minimum required documents in hard copy format together with general correspondence in electronic format plus related plans on a CD for easy storage.