Private Certifiers Australia is an accredited building certifier. Operating as a Private Certifying Authority specialising in building regulations consultancy and construction certificates for residential and commercial developments.

Private Certifiers Australia

PCA uses advanced backoffice software to manage your project better. This allows us to keep you electronically informed at all stages of the project. It’s smart efficient use of our time and yours.

Our one stop shop services include:

  • Approving Construction Certificates
  • Approving Complying Development Certificates
  • Acting as Principal Certifying Authority
  • Providing Fire upgrade surveys
  • Providing Building Regulations Consultancy
  • Providing Project Management services
  • Providing Section J Energy Efficiency Consultancy
  • Providing Building Code of Australia ( BCA ) reports
  • Providing Development Application Assistance

About Private Certifiers Australia

Private Certifiers Australia is an accredited Building Certifier that was established by Grant Harrington to provide simple solutions to complex problems, which arise from the building development approval and construction certification process. Private Certifiers Australia draws on 21 years of experience and technical education within the private and public sectors of the construction industry.

Our aims and commitment

Private Certifiers Australia was founded by Grant Harrington to provide clients with, “A building certifier and consultancy firm that provides sound professional advice through practical experience”.

Private Certifiers Australia’s Commitment, is achieved through Best practices and Sound holistic advice to clients in the area of construction certification and building regulations. We build on alliances already forged within the construction industry to provide a useful network for our clients to utilize and gain maximum benefits from dealing with Private Certifiers Australia.

Private Certifiers Australia Aim is to provide client satisfaction through a Timely and Efficient delivery of professional services.

Grant believes this blend of experience proves is the difference to why Private Certifiers Australia stands out from the rest in the eyes of our clients.

Contact us

Private Certifiers Australia
Principal: Grant Harrington
T: 02 9907 6300
M: 0401 816 661